Inclusivity: The mantra. The focus. The way of life at OpenTap.

Be it financial inclusivity. Or then, digital inclusivity.

The month that has gone by, threw up several situations that tell us that the direction we’ve taken at OpenTap and our thinking around inclusivity is the right one. Case in point being a conversation we recently had with a potential customer of ours from South.

OpenTap has identified a credit worthy population and provides short term personal loans to them. On a trial basis, we asked them to repay loans within 9 months. And to our surprise, they said “We’ll repay it within 6 months – it will give you (OpenTap) the confidence that we are credit worthy and two, we don’t like being in debt for too long. The quicker we finish loans, the better for us.” Sadly, up until now – this demographic has not had access to any sort of formal credit. To OpenTap, inclusivity is all about bringing them into the mainstream.

This population, unfortunately is not digitally included either. So, while some of them may carry basic smart phones, they are unable to complete simple transactions online. Pushing mobile apps at them, at this point in time is not an option. What we’re doing instead is taking loans to their door step, helping them complete the process and other formalities and ensuring that this does not become yet another reason for exclusion.

That said, we are hand-holding them and working towards helping them move application processes in parts online, so they get comfortable and eventually familiar with a completely paperless transaction. To OpenTap, inclusivity is all about ensuring their comfort with online processes and helping them transition smoothly – over our comfort.

To OpenTap, inclusivity is all about building a better tomorrow, together – for these people.

Lot more exciting stuff on inclusivity in the months to come. Stay tuned.

Towards a financially and digitally included India.

Senthil Natarajan | Cofounder, Chief Executive Officer |

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BW Disrupt

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